Wednesday, February 1, 2012

'Tristan' digital painting


Heres is where I am at for this particular piece. I'm still working out tones and trying to keep em soft (to a point) this is really an attempt to settle for a 'bread and butter' technique of coloring. So I probably should have settled for a simpler subject but this has been a character I have had in the works since my college days (yes I'm an old man!) So I wanna show this dude some love and give him a little bit of LIFE!!

More to come :)



So I continued to refine the black and white version of the character and then added flat color on top (all in PS) one thing I am struggling with is whether to focus more on realism or stylized version of this character...I'm going with it though as I go along, almost as if I'm letting the character define it for itself.  I'm guessing it might be a hybrid of both but lets see how it comes along? Right now the colors are very unsaturated and it needs more color, but its a comfortable start for me to move along for improvement. Check it out yourself?

*Update* Here finally is the final color, after weeks of reworking my color technique and workflow (about 3 and some change) I came to a point where I was satisfied with my character. The only thing missing is aome textures plugged in to give detail but I really want to get started on the next one and will try to incorporate some textures in my workflow.

Hope you like it!!


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