Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Sketches....


Its been too long since my last post, so I 'm posting my sketches I did in the past week...random stuff, some quick exercises I usually do or warm ups to get myself familiar with ideas I have in mind...enough chatter though, check em out fer yourself ya? :P

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SketchBook Project preview

Buenos Dias!

Hello to all, hope everyone didnt party too hard or eat too much candy this past Halloween. For this post I decided to post a sneak peek for my SP submission. Its due next year and I basically have to fill it out according to a theme...I chose the Grey Side of Life. Check out the link if you're interested in seeing what it is.


So what better way to start that theme with a very "grey" person...Edgar Allen Poe! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aztec Warrior portfolio piece

What up!

So awhile back I was working on a character that was a sort of homage to my Mexican heritage.

first 2 posts: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=5795146889496044004#editor/target=post;postID=4165121269973109140


I since have worked on this character for awhile, working on a portfolio piece for my eventual new site.

Im not sure about what name to give (yet) but I wanted to hammer out an illustration, a sort of splash page of the character entirely in an action pose....so here's the black and white version of the piece.

I might give it some time before I move onto colors, maybe make adjustments here and there...but this is what she looks like for now, hope you guys like it.


*update 5/11/12*

This is a color rough for this particular piece...next step is to refine the light and dark values before I 100% settle on this.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Caricature Practice cont.

*Update* Here are my color samples since my last post. It's been a minute since I colored caricatures using wood-less color pencils but these came out pretty good all-in-all. I picked out the three best ones from the bunch and decided to color only those. With the work I put into all the recent caricature stuff, I feel Im getting a better hold of it and can use it as another skill set. Maybe digital coloring next? Well see...hope you dig it!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Caricature Practice

Here are some familiar faces (well hopefully familiar :D )...long story short, these are practice drawings for a job as a caricature artist at Navy Pier. Took some time to do, but Im definitely getting the hang of it...after these are the final samples which will (...again HOPEFULLY) go on the booth as my samples....enjoy yall!

....and for my family, this is NOT my uncle Arthur! lol

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Latest Work

Here's TedEBear character, which has had no love from me in a while, so I decided to do something with a new friend of his: meet Skully, the creation of a fellow artist and a good friend of mine named Rudie Vazquez...check out his site http://rudievii.com/

Here we see the both of them deep in thought, what exactly is going through these two dudes mind exactly! :P

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inked Peices

Here are a couple of pieces I spent some time inking....I'm debating if I should do a more deep shadow to convey depth or go for I have been doing which is detailing through line work...maybe a mix of both?

Anyways I feel I should standard way of inking in my repertoire and then move onto coloring to use on fully illustrated pieces (which is the eventual goal). To be continued....

Viking character I made

Aztec warrior character from previous blog post

Sketches for May

So I'm gonna try something new here and post pages from my sketchbook, now here's the catch....it can be pictures of anything and everything....from drawings I did after watching a movie to practicing drawing women, creatures, animals...you name it.

This is all a way to "bleed" out ideas and any creative subject matter I have in mind at that moment....

random pirate sketches with a freehand sketch of good ol' Jack Sparrow

facial sketches based off the movie "The Pianist"

sketches of Stalin (don't ask why) and Charles Bukowski, an author known for his drinking and swearing

facial studies off of pics on google, including David Beckham (a bad one at that)

Kim Kardashian or at least the ones that look like her

hair studies and a random Lindsey Lohan pic
a Frank Frazetta pic I freehand copied and more hair studies

I was watching Ken Burns documentary "The Civil War" and was inspired to do pics of people featured in it....one being William Tecumseh Sherman and the other Abraham Lincoln

a roman solider in an action pose

more roman-themed drawings

conceptual sketches of a grim reaper-esque character

I found some cool photos dating back to WWI and decided to do studies of them
drawings I did using photo references for a character I made up

and finally D-Rose!! hope you liked them :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keira Knightly- well sort of.....

I did a portrait of Keira Knightly as practice for digital painting, I was attempting to apply a technique called 'Flemish-style painting' in this. But this really just ended up being something completely my own once I got into the nitty gritty.

I don't think it look like her 100% but like the way it came out in the end. Anyways here she is :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Comic

It's been awhile since I updated my weekly comic and Stitches is 'ithcin to make another appearance. So here's a comic to dedicated to the up and down weather here in Chicago.

Being in the middle of April and still seeing frost and rain, mixed with sunshine here and there, I couldn't help but make something to show just how crazy the weather can be here.

Well here it is and hope you like.



p.s. I might color it, but not sure so keep checkin' in

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MJ drawing practice

I have been meaning to do full illustrations of famous people, my reason being it gives me another skill I can have to offer to those interested in buying my work.

That being said, I thought "Let me do a pic of a famous athlete (preferably from chi-town :)" And who better than His Airness-Michael Jordan. Funny thing was it was kinda hard to find a good picture of him in all his competitiveness, most were photos of his face or him dunking. But the pictures were either low-res or just didn't catch my eye....until I came across this one.

Finally I could start.
Here's the result...
And here's the same thing, adjusted in photoshop to see it a little better. Looking at it now the proportions are a bit off but the rendering came along nicely after some getting used to. All in all I'm pretty happy with it, hope you like it!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tater Dog

So this post is definitely something different from the teddy bears and cool-looking characters that I usually post on my blog.

This time I revisited an old drawing from my college days, and here's a quick story....

I had an interesting chat with a couple of friends of mine once while visiting the school library. One of us said the word "tater dog", we all looked at each and started laughing. We didn't know what the hell a "tater dog" was, so we all took turns making jokes on what a tater dog would be (sorry but my old brain cant remember those jokes)

Anyways later that night I had an idea to make a sketch of what I thought a tater dog was, and I was thinking some sort of ugly creature that roams the country killing animals, much like what a chupacabra is to Mexicans.

So I did a drawing of a man and his boy (both with thick country accents) discovering a Tater Dog....and here's the result.....

Pretty crazy huh? I know. Well I came across it recently and couldn't help myself but scan it in and do an updated version....and here it is! Hope you like it....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So this is an old portfolio piece I did way back in 09', it was a bad attempt to try to do a Frazetta-esque werewolf illustration. The idea was to have a composition centered around a majestic werewolf with his minions surrounding him. In other words a bad-ass fantasy piece. I liked the concept but execution was so and so. I to take another crack at it.

This is the second attempt....and worse unfortunately. I tried to do rework the whole thing to make it more appealing but it ended blowing up in my face, thats what happens when you try to detail too early without finishing the sketch....so this time I decided to do everything in photoshop.
I feel this one is better than the rest, although its no Frazetta...its an improvement :) Hope you like it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aztec Warrior Revisited

So I continued working on the character from my last post. I detailed him more and liked for the most part how he came out, his costume could use more detail and pattern but I think the focus should be on his head, which is what I detailed the most. Well that's it for now, I plan on inking him again and maybe do some colors to see how he comes out :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Doodle

Didn't post anything last week so I have 2 sketches in mind to post here....Here's my first one (a brief background, boring I know, but I'll be quick) back in school I did a character for a class called "Drawing and Characterization".

We had to make a character and work on it for a the whole quarter, making character sheets, backgrounds, a sculpture etc. Anyways I used him throughout my time in school, eventually using him in various classes.

I don't have images of the original but decided to bring the fella back, this time .....a little different. So after thinking about it I decided to do a stylized Aztec warrior for his redo. I found some awesome images for reference like these...

....and hence created this guy, still a wip (thats work-in-progress, if you illiterate like me). But planning on fleshing him out soon enough, hope you like. Crits and comments are welcome :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Doodle

Stitches in the morning.....nuff said, sketch inked in Photoshop.