Monday, January 23, 2012

Tristan portfolio work...

My latest work has involved me working on an old character from my website...his name is Tristan, a pirate in witchdoctor face paint. Its not the most fleshed out storyline for a character but I always wanted to do a pirate, so any story arc or background I would rather get down visually. So I began on another pose to be eventually painted (in photoshop) .

Top Left: This pose is my work in progress, I like the silhouette of the reference pic for this one so I went with that one, I originally did a rough in graphite and scanned in to detail in photoshop I kept the line work light before I really go in with hard far I like it, what do you think? Next to it is the original piece...this needed a makeover, with my constant development on technique and what not I felt this time was as good as any for another revision.

Bottom Left: this was I originally had in mind (done in graphite) I was really going for a stylized look...somewhat comic booky with some realism to it. Once I was done and took a look at it I just wasn't feeling it and thought that painting this one would prove to be hard since I didn't use reference for the to it is an older piece I did in photoshop as was one of my first attempts at doing an inked b/w drawing entirely in photoshop. I still like it, but I have since changed the character somewhat, I'm thinking of revising this one as well once I finish the static pose at top left...

Well that's it in a nutshell, how you guys like it so far? next is b/w tonal values and then rough colors, I'm really excited about this one :)


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