Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inked Peices

Here are a couple of pieces I spent some time inking....I'm debating if I should do a more deep shadow to convey depth or go for I have been doing which is detailing through line work...maybe a mix of both?

Anyways I feel I should standard way of inking in my repertoire and then move onto coloring to use on fully illustrated pieces (which is the eventual goal). To be continued....

Viking character I made

Aztec warrior character from previous blog post

Sketches for May

So I'm gonna try something new here and post pages from my sketchbook, now here's the can be pictures of anything and everything....from drawings I did after watching a movie to practicing drawing women, creatures, name it.

This is all a way to "bleed" out ideas and any creative subject matter I have in mind at that moment....

random pirate sketches with a freehand sketch of good ol' Jack Sparrow

facial sketches based off the movie "The Pianist"

sketches of Stalin (don't ask why) and Charles Bukowski, an author known for his drinking and swearing

facial studies off of pics on google, including David Beckham (a bad one at that)

Kim Kardashian or at least the ones that look like her

hair studies and a random Lindsey Lohan pic
a Frank Frazetta pic I freehand copied and more hair studies

I was watching Ken Burns documentary "The Civil War" and was inspired to do pics of people featured in being William Tecumseh Sherman and the other Abraham Lincoln

a roman solider in an action pose

more roman-themed drawings

conceptual sketches of a grim reaper-esque character

I found some cool photos dating back to WWI and decided to do studies of them
drawings I did using photo references for a character I made up

and finally D-Rose!! hope you liked them :)