Monday, January 23, 2012

Tristan portfolio work...

My latest work has involved me working on an old character from my website...his name is Tristan, a pirate in witchdoctor face paint. Its not the most fleshed out storyline for a character but I always wanted to do a pirate, so any story arc or background I would rather get down visually. So I began on another pose to be eventually painted (in photoshop) .

Top Left: This pose is my work in progress, I like the silhouette of the reference pic for this one so I went with that one, I originally did a rough in graphite and scanned in to detail in photoshop I kept the line work light before I really go in with hard far I like it, what do you think? Next to it is the original piece...this needed a makeover, with my constant development on technique and what not I felt this time was as good as any for another revision.

Bottom Left: this was I originally had in mind (done in graphite) I was really going for a stylized look...somewhat comic booky with some realism to it. Once I was done and took a look at it I just wasn't feeling it and thought that painting this one would prove to be hard since I didn't use reference for the to it is an older piece I did in photoshop as was one of my first attempts at doing an inked b/w drawing entirely in photoshop. I still like it, but I have since changed the character somewhat, I'm thinking of revising this one as well once I finish the static pose at top left...

Well that's it in a nutshell, how you guys like it so far? next is b/w tonal values and then rough colors, I'm really excited about this one :)


Monday, January 9, 2012

new year, new agenda!

 So! what a better way for an artist to start a new year other than to put up more "trabajo". I usually have a bunch of different ideas that I like to sketch or observational drawings or what not, this time around I found myself working on a couple of personal projects outside of the usual sketches....

One was a drawing I did for my nephew's birthday, the idea was to have Harry Potter fly around Hogwarts in a griffin. The good news was he loved it! :) the bad news was I didn't get a chance to scan in the final :( BUT I do have the sketches for it below....

Next up! only the most awesome mini-series on TV (in my humble opinion) Boardwalk Empire...I couldn't help but do sketches of James Darmody and Richard Harrow, two of my fav characters.  For James I used a black colored pencil, it was something different but i like that I can get broader lines for the buildup to the detailed stage in my sketches....also I did a sketch of a tree, I love to draw organic shapes.

 Finally an illustration I did for my brother for xmas...he took this photo of the Eiffel Tower while is Paris. Im not too thrilled on the proportions or accuracy of the photo in my art, but I decided to put it up anyways just to show how much observational/practice "stuff" I do on my own time. Hope ya like it.

Now that I uploaded this stufff....I hope to put more portfolio work, ESPECIALLY colored work, I have way too much b/w on my blog/portfolio. So hope you guys can join me in getting a new portfolio out there with feedback and critiques, my page has been getting traffic which is awesome. So thanx guys for checking out my stuff and hope to hear you all continue to check in. On to another year of  'art hustlin'!