Thursday, April 19, 2012


Remember this guy? Yes I inked him, he looks slightly different from the original pencil drawing but some of his proportions were off and I felt like I had to adjust them a little, BUT I like the way he came out....colors are soon to follow.

*Update 5/8/12*
 Color rough, not sure what to do with the background?

*update 5/11/12*

Another color revision, I thought it needed more warm colors...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Patrick Kane Painting

Well, well, well...its certainly been too long since my last post. And now I'm ready to keep you kids updated. Awhile ago I did a quick study (off a photo) of one of Chi-towns sports star....Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks...

 Its was meant more as a practice in digital painting techniques, but recently a relative of mine liked it and asked if I could make a print of it for him.

....I thought this was a chance to improve the art and make it look better. So I decided to paint over the original to keep it closer to the original and really make this 'summbitch' pop! hope you guys like it.

*update 4/12/12*

*update 4/13/12* 

I changed the compostion to give him some more movement, added a background and gradient to finally call it a day for this one!