Friday, February 17, 2012

D Rose portfolio piece

Because I'm at meat-headed as any Chicago fan will be, I want to add Mr. #1 himself (yes Derrick Rose) as a part of my portfolio. I originally did a sketch of him last year in May. And since we are in the middle of the season and hes as big as any athlete here at the moment. I thought "why not"?

So at top is the original image I found on google, there are a shit load of D Rose images so this one didn't take long to find. Then is my bad 2-D rendering of him, I think I did it under an hour but for a finished B&W version I needed something with more I took the original, scanned it and.....

Voila! A digital drawing of D Rose! Stacey King would say...HOT SAUCE!! Colors to be added soon. :)

 *update 3/8/2012*

So here's where I'm at right now, this one really kicked my ass for a couple of days because the original inked version didn't pan out so well once I laid color on top. But! I did rework it enough where I'm preeeeeeeety still have to smooth out the lower half of his jersey to call it a day. Also I was conflicted with his face, I worked it over and over and I had to settle on something similar to the source image, but like I said I have to stop at one point, right! ....Well anyways, check out!


*update 3/10/12*
Yus! finally done....hope the time spent on this shows in the artwork. Onto more coloring :)


I notice this particular piece has gotten a bit of traffic. If any one is interested in commissioned pieces. Feel free to ask!! just email me.

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