Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Patrick Kane Painting

Well, well, well...its certainly been too long since my last post. And now I'm ready to keep you kids updated. Awhile ago I did a quick study (off a photo) of one of Chi-towns sports star....Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks...

 Its was meant more as a practice in digital painting techniques, but recently a relative of mine liked it and asked if I could make a print of it for him.

....I thought this was a chance to improve the art and make it look better. So I decided to paint over the original to keep it closer to the original and really make this 'summbitch' pop! hope you guys like it.

*update 4/12/12*

*update 4/13/12* 

I changed the compostion to give him some more movement, added a background and gradient to finally call it a day for this one!


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