Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Doodle

Didn't post anything last week so I have 2 sketches in mind to post here....Here's my first one (a brief background, boring I know, but I'll be quick) back in school I did a character for a class called "Drawing and Characterization".

We had to make a character and work on it for a the whole quarter, making character sheets, backgrounds, a sculpture etc. Anyways I used him throughout my time in school, eventually using him in various classes.

I don't have images of the original but decided to bring the fella back, this time .....a little different. So after thinking about it I decided to do a stylized Aztec warrior for his redo. I found some awesome images for reference like these...

....and hence created this guy, still a wip (thats work-in-progress, if you illiterate like me). But planning on fleshing him out soon enough, hope you like. Crits and comments are welcome :)

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